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DF XXI, 2, 2011: Bernard Bolzano and the Philosophical Tradition, ed. by Stefano Besoli, Luca Guidetti, Venanzio Raspa

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Anno XXI, numero 2, 2011, pp. 347

Bernard Bolzano and the Philosophical Tradition

ed. by Stefano Besoli, Luca Guidetti, Venanzio Raspa

The issue offers an overview of the relations between Bernard Bolzano’s philosophical and scientific thought and the main trends in Western philosophical culture, from Aristotle to the most recent developments in epistemology. Indeed, Bolzano’s thought is crucial for understanding both contemporary analytic philosophy and the relations between metaphysics and science as discussed by continental philosophers. For the range and quality of its contributions, written by some of the leading Italian and foreign Bolzano scholars with the aim of covering topics in mathematics, logic, language, phenomenology, metaphysics, science etc., the issue is unique in the Italian cultural debate. It is completed by the Italian translations of two primary sources: a section of Bolzano’s Theory of Science on “proposition and expression” and a paper by Bolzano on Jan Patočka, the most prominent exponent of phenomenology in Eastern Europe.

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Stefano Besoli, Luca Guidetti, Venanzio Raspa, Presentazione
Luca Guidetti, Lo spazio logico dell’espressione. Intorno a B. Bolzano, Proposizione ed espressione
Bernard Bolzano, Proposizione ed espressione
Jan Patočka, Il posto di Bolzano nella storia della filosofia
Andrej Krause, Bolzano e Aristotele
Luca Guidetti, Bolzano e gli stoici
Massimo Mugnai, Bolzano e Leibniz
Stefano Besoli, Bolzano e Kant
Gaëtan Pégny, Bolzano e Hegel
Wolfgang Künne, Bolzano e Frege
Mauro Mariani, Bolzano e Cantor
Sandra Lapointe, Bolzano e Husserl
Venanzio Raspa, Bolzano e la filosofia austriaca
Jan Sebestik, Bolzano e la matematica
Peter Simons, Bolzano e la logica

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