Saturday , 25 May 2024
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Every submission will be first examined by the Journal’s Editor and/or Guest Editors as to their relevance to the general topic of the issue. Articles judged to be relevant will undergo a double-blind peer-review process. Reviewers will evaluate each article according to a set of specified standards (consistency with the called-for topic, originality, scientific significance, quality of argumentation, accuracy of language and style, mastery of literature), and will add their comments when relevant. In case reviewers recommend conditional acceptance, they are invited to anonymously provide their advice and requests for changes, which will be forwarded to the author by the staff.
Articles will be submitted anonymously, omitting any personal information (including those contained in the document properties, etc.). Acknowledgements will be temporarily excluded, but can be reinstated in case of acceptance.
Every article will be accompanied by a separate file containing title, author(s) name, institutional affiliation, e-mail and address, an English abstract of about 150 words, 5 keywords, and a short biographical note. All texts and footnotes will follow the style rules provided in the appropriate section. If the article is not written in the author’s mother tongue, the author will see to it that it is revised by a qualified native speaker. The author will also be held accountable for any violation of standard scientific policies about plagiarism and appropriateness.
Please note that papers which fail to comply with all of the specified requirements can be rejected irrespective of their scientific evaluation.
Please note that, while the reviewers’ judgements will be duly taken account of, the Journal’s Editor may ultimately decide to reject the submission due to other considerations.

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