Friday , 28 October 2016
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Discipline Filosofiche XXVI, 1, 2016:
Ontologie fenomenologiche: individualità, essenza, idea
Edited by Simona Bertolini and Faustino Fabbianelli

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Simona Bertolini, Faustino Fabbianelli, Presentazione
Rochus Sowa, Eidos und A Priori: Husserls ontologische Konzeption des Apriori
Andrea Staiti, Lotze and Husserl on First and Second Generality
Giuliana Mancuso, Essenza, idea, conoscenza eidetica
Faustino Fabbianelli, Individualität und Allgemeinheit. Ein konfliktgeladenes Verhältnis der phänomenologischen Ontologie
Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray, Reinach and Hering on Essence
Daniele De Santis, Jean Hering on Eidos, Gegenstand and Methexis: Phenomenological Adventures and Misadventures of “Participation”
Simona Bertolini, Idea ed essenza nello sviluppo dell’ontologia di Roman Ingarden
Sarah Borden Sharkey, Edith Stein’s Use of Hering’s Wesenheit to Move through Phenome­nology to Metaphysics
Francesco Alfieri, Les influences de Duns Scot sur la pensée d’Edith Stein
Ronny Miron, In the Midst of Being: The Journey into the Internality of Reality in Hedwig Conrad-Martius’ Metaphysics

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