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Discipline Filosofiche XXVII, 2, 2017: La scienza del pensiero. Il realismo filosofico di Oswald Külpe, a cura di Chiara Russo Krauss

La scienza del pensiero. Il realismo filosofico di Oswald Külpe. Edited by Chiara Russo Krauss

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copertina-2016-1-fronteOswald Külpe is a key figure of the German cultural environment in the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century, since he lies at the crossroads between different trends of the time, such as psychophysiology, critical realism, experimental research of complex mental functions, and phenomenology.
Earlier in his carrier he studied experimental psychology in Leipzig under Wilhelm Wundt, but he earned his fame after moving to Würzburg, where he developed the original research program of Denkpsychologie. Together with his pupils Karl Marbe, Narziß Ach, Karl Bühler and Otto Selz, Külpe thus founded the so-called “Würzburg school”.
Alongside his psychological studies, Külpe worked to establish a new, critical realism. In so doing he contributed to that broad movement aiming at re-evaluating this philosophical position both in Germany (thanks to Richard Avenarius, Wundt, Alois Riehl and Moritz Schlick) and in the United States (with Roy Wood Sellars’ Critical Realism, and Edwin Bissell Holt and Ralph Barton Perry’s New Realism).
The diversity of issues covered in his works, the wide dissemination of his books, his role as master of many main figures of early twentieth-century psychology make Külpe worthy of interest both in his individuality and in his connections with other actors of the philosophical and psychological environment of the time. This wealth of themes is reflected in the plurality of issues addressed by the essays of this number of our journal, that does not claim to be an exhaustive summary, rather a testimony to the kaleidoscopic figure of Oswald Külpe.

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Chiara Russo Krauss, Presentazione
Chiara Russo Krauss, Conoscenza della realtà e teoria dell’oggetto
Oswald Külpe, Il problema della realizzazione e le tendenze antirealistiche
Henrik Dindas, Achim Eschbach, Die Verbindung Oswald Külpes zu Samuel Beckett und Charles Sanders Peirce – eine denkpsychologische Begegnung
Raivis Bičevskis, Der Realismus Oswald Külpes im Kontext der erkenntnistheoretischen und ontologischen Versuche des jungen Martin Heidegger
Riccardo Martinelli, Oswald Külpe interprete di Kant
Chiara Russo Krauss, Chi osserva chi? Oswald Külpe e la Würzburger Schule su introspezione ed esperimento in psicologia
Arnaud Dewalque, Külpe on Cognitive Attitudes
David Romand, Külpe’s affective psychology. The making of a science of feeling (1887-1910)
Matthias Neuber, Külpe and American Critical Realism
Stefano Besoli, La realtà delle categorie nel pensiero di Oswald Külpe

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