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Errata corrige

Discipline Filosofiche is published in a paper format and in a digital format. Whereas after print the paper format is not modifiable, the digital format can be integrated and corrected even after proofs being passed for printing to Publisher and the related platforms for internet circulation. Even more so, a section for “errata corrige” is useful, in which members of editorial staff and authors could indicate incidental typos, omissions, etc., sometimes rising from the mere digital conversion of documents.


Discipline Filosofiche, XXI, 2, 2011, Bernard Bolzano e la tradizione filosofica, a cura di Stefano Besoli, Luca Guidetti, Venanzio Raspa

  • p. 133, eighth line from the top:

Errata: «proposizioni concettuali e proposizioni conoscitive»

Corrige: «proposizioni concettuali e proposizioni intuitive»

  • p. 206,  twenty-third line from the top:

Errata: «da 0 a        esclusi»

Corrige: «da 0 a π/2 esclusi»

  • p. 206, twenty-fifth line from the top:

Errata: «all’avvicinarsi di x a       ;»

Corrige: «all’avvicinarsi di x a π/2;»


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